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La Canada, CA
United States

Genesis Work Inc. is cultural change consultancy led by Romi Hoyt Boucher.  Romi is  a cultural change consultant with a focus on organizational, team and leadership transformation. Over the past twenty years she has facilitated companies in how to design, pivot, and redesign their strategy on an ongoing basis as their environment and needs change. 

The Research

Our Approach

Conversations matter, each and every one. But for what? In all of our conversations - whether one on one or in teams, we are always making some social reality that impacts results in communication. We become different depending on the types of conversations we are engaged in with various people.  The questions we need to ask are:

  • What are we making?
  • How are we making it?  
  • Are we making it in unwanted patterns of conflict, or in a way that is inclusive and deliberative of conflict?
  • Who are we becoming in the process? 
  • Are we making something better?
    • Are you bringing out the best in who you can be, and the best from others?
    • Are you actively engaging the possibilities of the situation?